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E-Book: How to speak about Intimacy and Sexuality with your teen. A guide for parents & mentors

  • List of important things you should be certain that your teen knows

  • Tools for preparing your teen to navigate safely in the online sex, porn and dating world

  • Get concrete inspiration to wordings of the importance of cultivating intimacy and presence rather than "bang-bang" sex

  • Learn how to give your teen important knowledge in a way that motivates them to actually listen

  • And so much more you wish you knew when you were a young adult


About the author, Lucy Vittrup

Therapist, Keynote speaker, Author

I am passionate about exploring the solutions to the Tech – Intim@cy equation.

Therefore I am dedicated to facilitating global conversations about the challenges and solutions to the intimacy & loneliness crisis of digital reality – on both large international stages and at small intimate workshops and events. I hold retreats in Europe and Asia for busy digital beings wanting to re-connect to their humanness.

As a passionate speaker, author, and internationally recognized educator I am committed to inspire humans to solve the intimacy & loneliness crisis through teaching connectivity & intimacy skills on both physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

My bestselling book, of “Erogy: Make Your Sexuality Your Personal Strength”, provides the basis for my global mission to help humans re-connect with themselves and others – to create real-life intimacy before they are absorbed by digital intim@cy.

A pioneer in my field, I am a highly active public debater, and have gotten the importance of physical touch on the agenda in Denmark. For over two decades I have helped high performers on television & cultural stages to make the highest possible impact and connect powerfully with their audience.

It is my profound hope that we can teach young adults the importance of building intimacy competencies from an early age in order to help them and the future of relating, to come from a place of love & trust.



“Lucy's ebook is fantastic. She can get around some of the most important things in life in a really simple way. I got many aha experiences and am surprised at how easy it can actually be to make room for the good talk and understanding and respect - even with the sometimes difficult subject. ”

Helene Chantal Philipsen

“ I've read your new guide - even though I don't have teenage children. I wish my parents had that guide when I was a teenager - that would have saved me a lot of things. I can use its message to heal myself and tell myself what I should have been told 30 years ago. I hope it can help my damaged relationship with my sexuality so that I can have a healthy sex life and live more harmoniously with that side of me.”

Tina Jensen