"Your voice inside is waiting to be heard. Your job is to learn to listen."


SoulDriven Leadership Coaching


A coaching program for courageous leaders aspiring to become future-ready.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I change myself” - Rumi

SoulDriven Leadership Coaching is a leading-edge program for those who have the courage to unfold their potential by learning to listen more carefully to their inner voice -  and integrate accessed wisdom with a leadership that inspires growth, innovation - and resilience.

It is for the leaders that are ready to step into the leadership of the future by harnessing clarity of thought, speech, and behavior. 

Through methodical and committed spiritual self-discovery the leader will access their inner wisdom and get the opportunity to create a solid compass that is needed so acutely in a world of constant change. 

What you get

  • Become familiar with your spiritual self 
  • Develop your intuitive competency
  • Understand why everything you want is on the other side of fear 
  • Raise your awareness of purpose in your leadership and organization
  • Create SoulDriven visions
  • Solidify confident decision making
  • Clearly access your soul’s calling in life and leadership
  • Build a practice to enhance your access to the wisdom of your spiritual self
  • Harness your ability to inspire and be a role model
  • Implement a contribution-based mindset
  • Overcome the ongoing challenges of stress and demanding stakeholders
  • Understand how to manage your own energy and of the team
  • Enhance clear-sightedness and communication


SoulDriven Leadership Coaching is a program of 5 months and includes:

  • 2 hour intake session in-person or digital
  • 10 personal 1 hour coaching sessions 
  • Personally tailored spiritual practice to support
  • Personally tailored audio files
  • Continuous check-in on WhatsApp between calls
  • Unlimited emergency calls (of 15 min duration)
  • Final evaluation and personal manual 


Charlotte Petersen, CEO

The process has been amazing for me. The main reason for this is that Lucy made me look at my life holistically, helping me to look at all the elements of my life that are essential for the serenity and positive challenges that I want. I’ve got some really good tools to maintain what I’ve learned and thereby use myself myself best possible in the relationships to both my  family, friends, children and job. I have previously had a coach to help me. With her unique calmness and empathy, Lucy has been able to help me far better than I've experienced so far.  It has been the most professional and human proces I have ever tried.


Apply for the SoulDriven Leadership Coaching Program

In order to become eligible for the SoulDriven Leadership Coaching Program, you will need to have a 20 minute assessment conversation with Lucy to make sure the program is right for you.

Send a text or fill out the form below and Lucy will contact you as soon as possible.

WhatsApp: +45 2670 7413